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7-SEATER Car Hire at Paphos Airport, Cyprus

7-SEATER car hire in Paphos, Cyprus

Minivans are large vehicles with a low body, three rows of seats, and a hinged or sliding rear door. The cars of this category have become popular to rent because they are comfortable for long journeys and capable of carrying a large group of people with much baggage.

At PFO, customers can choose from a variety of minivan models:

The following car rental agencies offer their 7-seaters to PFO’s passengers:

Use our smart search engine at the top of this page to find your perfect car!


city car
 Toyota Avanza
7 seat carrier Toyota Avanza

from € 22.1 per day

 Kia Carens
7 seat carrier Kia Carens

from € 28.9 per day

green motion
 Ford Galaxy
7 seat carrier Ford Galaxy

from € 30.7 per day

 Volkswagen Transporter
7 seat carrier Volkswagen Transporter

from € 34.8 per day

 Nissan Serena
7 seat carrier Nissan Serena

from € 37 per day

 Dacia Logan MCV
7 seat carrier Dacia Logan MCV

from € 44.5 per day

 Opel Zafira
7 seat carrier Opel Zafira

from € 45.8 per day

 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
7 seat carrier Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

from € 55.1 per day

PFO Airport 7-SEATER car rental rates

While renting a car, travellers seek to get maximum comfort at the best price. Vehicles of a higher group will satisfy even the most whimsical driver, although such autos often have a higher price. However, don’t rush to deny yourself comfort.

Our search engine will allow you to compare car rental 7-SEATER prices and choose the perfect auto for you. Carefully check all discounts and offers provided by rental agencies. Some extra options can compensate for the difference in price when renting a vehicle from a higher group.

Below you will find the list of hire prices.

Daily 7-SEATER car rental prices at Paphos Airport

To guide you in the price policy for car rental, here is the approximate cost of renting the most expensive and the cheapest auto at the airport respectively:

To hire a car 7-SEATER at PFO Airport will cost about €65.

Weekly 7-SEATER hire car prices at PFO Airport

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can rent a car from €140 per week in Paphos. On average, the weekly cost for a 7-SEATER rental auto is €374 at Paphos Airport. Weekly hire of a high-class car will cost more - about €660.

Thus, you spend only €24/day for a budget car and €114/day for a high-class vehicle, while getting complete freedom of movement throughout Cyprus. Nevertheless, such factors as the duration, the starting date of the trip, and the season strongly affect the final price for a rental car 7-SEATER at PFO Airport. For the exact cost, fill out the search form at the top of the page.

Benefits of 7-SEATER car hire at Paphos Airport, Cyprus

Are you looking for a perfect automobile for your journey with friends to Cyprus? Or are you considering travelling with your family? If so, spacious and comfortable 7-seater car rental at Paphos Airport provides a perfect choice for long road journeys.

Small groups of travellers or mid-sized families all can find a room in a large minivan which is amongst the safest vehicle types in the world. The low location of the gravity centre makes these autos much safer than crossovers or SUVs. Thus, minivans provide passengers with more stability and security while travelling. Also, these automobiles gain drivers’ favour due to their affordability, flexibility on the road, and fuel efficiency.

How to hire a specific car model at Paphos Airport?

Each rental agency lists out the makes and models included in each hire car group. You should consider the vehicle category while hiring auto in order to get the right vehicle for you.

Rentals show a car group for each available car size or offer a similar type of vehicle. Thus, you will get a similar car with a similar engine size, dimensions, and luggage space. Companies cannot guarantee a specific car model, because they sell specific rental car types.

To hire a particular car model, don’t forget to mark the “guaranteed car model” option when booking a car. You can use the smart search engine to choose a suitable vehicle from many groups. Check all the categories, extras, and discounts to find the best option for an affordable price.

Other car rental types at Paphos Airport

Comfort or cost-effectiveness? Why choose when you can get everything at once by renting a car in Cyprus? All the wonders are hidden outside the bustling city centre. If quiet and secluded beaches, authentic villages, and majestic Troodos Mountains are on your must-see list, then a rental car is the best way for you to get around. To choose the right auto, you need to consider the number of travellers, budget, travel distances, the amount of luggage as well as individual preferences. When you book a vehicle, you will see rental car types for hiring shown by each rental company. These groups are divided into different sizes of vehicles depending on the number of people and luggage.

At PFO Airport, rentals provide 1 car hire groups from Mini autos to Minivans to satisfy all possible travel needs. The full list of car rental groups includes: VAN.