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Car Hire for Under 21 at Paphos Airport, Cyprus

Under 21 car hire in Paphos, Cyprus

Cyprus rental policies allow drivers from 21 years of age to hire a vehicle. Yet, certain agencies like Global Rent A Car, AIDA, and Avis offer their autos even to 18-year-olds who own a valid licence for at least a year or three. With the help of our search engine, you can find the best car rental offers for those under 21 years old! The cheapest car prices start from $9/day for Mini Fiat Panda! Find the best weekly rates from only $50!

 Fiat Panda
Mini Fiat Panda

from € 7.8 per day

 Hyundai i20
Economy Hyundai i20

from € 7.9 per day

 Peugeot 301
Intermediate Peugeot 301

from € 10.4 per day

 Opel Astra
Compact Opel Astra

from € 10.7 per day

green motion
 Ford Tourneo
5 seat carrier Ford Tourneo

from € 14.8 per day

 Peugeot 2008
SUV Peugeot 2008

from € 15.2 per day

 BMW 3 Series
Premium BMW 3 Series

from € 38.2 per day

 Mercedes CLA
Fullsize Mercedes CLA

from € 47.1 per day

Car hire requirements for under 21-year-old drivers at Paphos Airport

Be aware that the car rental for under 21 at Airport PFO applies a young driver fee to customers younger than 25 years of age. Besides a driver’s licence, you should present your passport and credit or debit card while booking a vehicle in Cyprus.

Some suppliers also expect a document like a utility bill as proof of your address, too. An International Driving Permit for visits for up to 30 days is not necessary for customers with a UK licence. Use our smary search engine to check out the best offers for young drivers from different car rental agencies.

Under 21 rental car fee at Paphos Airport

The youngest drivers who can rent an auto at PFO Airport are 21 years old. Still, a young driver fee – or underage fee – aims to compensate the agency that provides its rental cars for under 21 for the accident risks. This surcharge policy relates to drivers younger than 25 who tend to increase the accident rates while operating autos.

Companies allowing under 21 car rental at Paphos Airport PFO

The majority of Cyprus auto hire suppliers expect their customers to be not younger than 21 to operate the vehicles. Thus, only a few agencies offer their autos to underage drivers and limit the car groups available for rental.

As well, Paphos car hire for under 21 applies a young driver surcharge for underage clients. Typically, suppliers inform their young customers about the fee amount. Yet, some agencies specify the rental’s total cost including the surcharge after you start a booking process.

Below, we offer a list of rental companies providing car hire for under 21-year-olds:


The AIDA vehicle hire agency applies an underage fee to drivers from 18 to 24 years of age. The amount of the daily surcharge varies from €8.5 and €119 and includes the 19% tax. AIDA offers its car rentals to under 21 if the customers own a driver’s licence valid for at least 3 years.

The vehicle supplier offers its services within the PFO Airport. If you seek Paphos car hire for under 21 by AIDA, call +357 25 321 115. The agency’s working hours are:


Avis rental carrier offers its vehicles to customers 18 years of age and older. Still, the agency limits the fleet of auto classes available to drivers under 25. Thus, underage customers cannot access the following car categories:

Also, Avis at PFO applies the daily €10 underage fee while providing car rental for under 21. To proceed with PFO vehicle hire at the airport, young drivers must present the original full licence – physical driving licence – valid for at least 3 years and without major endorsements. For holders of the UK licence, it is necessary to bring a photocard licence.

You can access Avis by calling (357) 24205666. The company’s working hours at PFO Airport are:

Global Rent A Car

To operate the under 21 rental car from Global Rent A Car, clients must present a licence valid for at least 1 year. The agency also applies the young driver’s surcharge to underage customers.

The vehicle supplier provides its services near the PFO Airport 24 hours a day. You can reach the agency for more information by calling +35726080730.

For clients 18 years of age, Mini, Compact cars, and trucks with masses of not more than 7.49t are available. Customers 21 years of age and older can access vehicles from the Intermediate, Standard, Premium, Full-size, and Luxury classes as well as buses and trucks with masses of more than 7.49t.