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Car Hire for Under 25 at Paphos Airport, Cyprus

Under 25 car hire in Paphos, Cyprus

If you wonder if there are Paphos Airport car hire under 25 options, then we assure you: yes, there are. In Cyprus, all drivers are allowed to rent vehicles at the minimum age of 21. However, the requirements might differ among the various companies. Make sure to check the relevant information about age restrictions in advance. For example, you will be able to find car rental options for 18-year-old drivers from Avis, Global Rent A Car, and AIDA. In addition, some companies help drivers who have not reached 21 yet during the booking process.

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 Fiat Panda
Mini Fiat Panda

from € 7.8 per day

 Hyundai i20
Economy Hyundai i20

from € 7.9 per day

 Peugeot 301
Intermediate Peugeot 301

from € 10.4 per day

 Opel Astra
Compact Opel Astra

from € 10.7 per day

green motion
 Ford Tourneo
5 seat carrier Ford Tourneo

from € 14.8 per day

 Peugeot 2008
SUV Peugeot 2008

from € 15.2 per day

 BMW 3 Series
Premium BMW 3 Series

from € 38.2 per day

 Mercedes CLA
Fullsize Mercedes CLA

from € 47.1 per day

Under 25 car rental surcharge at Paphos Airport

While searching for the best options for sedan or van hire under 25 at PFO Airport, remember about the fees. All companies charge clients who are not 25 years old extra payment. It is called the Young Driver (Underage) surcharge, which applies to all under 25 customers. It is compensation for car hire providers in case of accidents with young drivers. Companies use such a measurement because those under 25 clients are at a higher risk.

Car rental surcharges vary depending on the company. See more detailed information about the providers and their fees below.

Companies allowing under 25 car hire in Paphos

The deals for car rental under 25 in Paphos are provided by most companies since you should be at least 21 years old to drive. However, there are additional restrictions that differ from service to service. Here is an extensive list of companies and the details about the rentals they provide.


The supplier supplies deals of Paphos Airport car rental for under 25 drivers. The minimum permitted age to hire a vehicle is 18. AIDA might charge you from €8.5 to €119, depending on your reservation. All drivers should show a driver’s licence that has been active for a minimum of 3 years.


Find PFO Airport cheap under 25 car rental deals provided by Avis. They allow 18-year-old drivers to hire their vehicles. However, there are several cars prohibited from use by underage drivers:

The underage fee reaches €10/day. If you use a UK licence, be ready to show a photocard licence.

Global Rent A Car

The provider has cheap car rentals for under 25 clients. The minimum age allowed to drive a vehicle depends on the type of auto.

If you are 18 years old, you can rent Mini and Compact. 21-year-old drivers are allowed to hire:

An underage surcharge is applied, but check the info about it in advance.


The service provides vehicles without Young Driver Fee. However, you must be 24 years old to make a reservation for Ace company's vehicles. Moreover, you should have a licence that has been relevant for three years already.


PFO Airport cheap car rentals for under 25 drivers are often available. However, SIXT does not allow young drivers to hire all types of cars. Underage surcharge reaches €5.75, the tax included.


Under 25 van rental is possible, but in this case, you will have to pay an additional €12/per day maximum as an Underage fee. A usual surcharge is €4 minimum for most cars.

Drive Cyprus

Here are the main requirements:

Economy Rent A Car

Provider allows car rentals for drivers who have reached 21 years already. There is an obligatory surcharge that is applied to all vehicles. It is €4/day. Check the information about car type restrictions while making a reservation.


Europcar has options of a cheap car rental and under 25 vehicle hire. However, there are restrictions on the licence:

A young Driver's fee is usually €10 for a day.


All clients should be at least 21 to hire Aercar vehicles. Remember that the age restrictions are always relevant for additional drivers too. The surcharge for an underage rental is usually €7.50.

Astra Car Rental

The provider has one of the cheapest car rentals for under 25 drivers. You must be at least 21, and your licence should be 12 months. The additional fee varies and depends on the rental.

Alamo, Enterprise, National

All three companies have similar rules about rentals, and they are as follows:

Auto Union

Auto Union has options for 21-years-old clients. However, you should show a relevant driving licence which is valid for 3 years at the moment of a reservation. If the document is less than 3 years old, the tenant should pay an additional €3. The VAT is included.


The requirements to hire a car are:


This provider allows 21-year-old drivers to hire vehicles under specific restrictions. The Underage fees are applied for every car rental booked by under 24 clients. Moreover, you should know that these fees usually reach €6.90. In addition, all underage customers must provide a valid driving licence that has been active for 3 years.

Get Your Car

The service obliges all clients to be at least 21 years old. The Underage fee is €5.75/day with 19% tax included. See more info while booking.


The company allows 21-years-drivers to rent specific vehicles on condition that they have a licence that is no less than 36 months. All young customers should pay the Underage fee, which ranges from €10 to €140 per single car hire. If you are 25, you do not need to pay any surcharges.

Green Motion

Green Motion has options for young drivers (21-24 years) and various restrictions. Foremost, not every vehicle is allowed for rent, and the clients should provide valid licences which have been active for more than 3 years. Remember that the Young Driver fee is usually €5.


You can rent a car if you are at least 21, but be ready to rent a limited number of vehicles, such as:

In addition, young drivers must pay an Underage surcharge which varies depending on the reservation of the vehicle.


Paphos cheapest under 25 car rental is often provided. If you are from 21 to 24, you are obliged to pay €4 (Young Driver surcharge).


This provider has more specific limitations and restrictions concerning young drivers. However, it is connected to the types of cars mostly.

So, if you are at least 21 years old, you are allowed to drive:

People who have reached 25 years have more options to choose from:

The Underage surcharge usually varies from €4.76 to €142.80 depending on your car hire.

Petsas Rent a Car

Here is general info about the car rental provided by this company:

Cheapest rental company for under 25 at PFO Airport

While renting at PFO Airport, remember that the under 25 options are accompanied by surcharges almost always. Some of the companies have small fees, while the other companies require more than €100 for Underage driver rental. The best way to find the cheapest company for young customers is by searching for the best deals. See more information about the cheapest Underage surcharges below.

The cheapest young driver’s fees at Paphos Airport

Here are our top 7 companies with the cheapest young driver’s fees at PHO Airport:

Other young driver’s surcharges at Paphos Airport

While booking your perfect under-25 rental car, you cannot always find the cheapest options. That is why you can always search for a while for more detailed info about the fees, or you can look at our list below: