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Paphos Airport Departures

Paphos Airport departures today

Before arriving at the airport, you can check the flight status with the help of flight tracker and confirm the gate using a web schedule table. Find out more information about Paphos Airport departures live below.


Flight To Airline Time Status
FR3333 PFO 18:25 DELAYED
LS1526 PFO 18:45 active
FR1608 PFO 19:00 active
PFO 19:00 active
FR722 PFO 20:00 DELAYED 20:05
LW722 PFO 20:00 DELAYED 20:05
FR4103 PFO 20:10 scheduled
FR6392 PFO 20:30 scheduled
RR6392 PFO 20:30 scheduled
FR5867 PFO 20:40 scheduled
LW5867 PFO 20:40 scheduled
U28654 PFO 21:05 scheduled
FR3331 PFO 21:15 scheduled
RR3331 PFO 21:15 scheduled
BA2675 PFO 21:20 scheduled
PFO 21:20 scheduled
U22270 PFO 22:10 DELAYED 22:36
LS1272 PFO 22:15 scheduled
U28656 PFO 22:45 DELAYED 23:01

Guide for your departure at Paphos Airport

Travellers who are at the airport for the first time can find it difficult to navigate the location of check-in counters and gates. The facility has a clear and simple structure. Please consider the following rules to make your trip as comfortable as possible:

Paphos Airport departure directions

The building consists of one terminal with Arrivals, Departures, and the Check-in lobby. There are 28 check-in desks and 7 boarding gates.

Where to park before departures from Paphos Airport?

You can also book your parking space online in advance to benefit from lower prices. Please keep in mind that parking cannot be pre-reserved less than 2 hours before departure.

Electronic speed-up pre-departure identification

E-gates at PFO

The automatic electronic entry gates (E-gates) placed at Paphos Airport are a simplified boarding gate system. The system allows travellers to go directly to a security desk after check-in. E-gates are installed in the check-in areas of the airport so that all passengers can use them upon coming to Hermes Paphos Airport departures. The process of using this system only requires scanning the boarding pass. This procedure takes less than 30 seconds. Thus, you are immediately directed to the security area, the zone of ​​restaurants, cafeterias, and stores, as well as to the boarding gates. E-gates allow the airport to serve up to 1800 passengers per hour without long queues.

BorderXpress at PFO

Upon arrival at Paphos Airport, you can also use the “BorderXpress” interactive kiosks to go through the intermediate passport control process. Whether you are arriving or departing, you can scan your identity document by placing it open at the automatic gate. You will then get a receipt that you must show at a predefined checkpoint. If the check is favourable, you have passed passport control at Airport Paphos departures. If not, you will be asked to move to a control gate operated by an Immigration Officer.

Pre-departure rules at Paphos International

To get rid of unnecessary stress when packing your bags for your trip, find out the rules for carry-on luggage, and the allowable amount of liquids and aerosols to be carried on board the aircraft. Check live departures at Paphos Airport and start to pack your bags. Below you will find general airport security rules and baggage information.

Baggage security rules at Airport PFO

For safety reasons, the airport police strongly recommend that you do not leave luggage and your personal belongings unattended, since, in this case, they will be seized by the Police Authorities and destroyed. Keep in mind that you should always put your name and address on a tag inside your bag in case your luggage is lost or staff needs to identify the owner.

Never leave your bags in the care of a stranger and do not accept packages from other persons (even your friends) unless you can check the contents yourself. Travellers having departures from Paphos Airport in Cyprus should follow all luggage security rules.

Restricted items at PFO Airport

Since the safety of passengers at the airport is paramount, the Air Transport Regulatory Authorities regulate the list of things allowed to be carried in both hand luggage and checked baggage. Certain exceptions are provided for medicines and baby products that travellers may need during the flight.

Below you can find the list of items that are prohibited on the aircraft, either in your carry-on baggage or your checked luggage:

During departures, laptops must be removed from their case at the security checkpoints.

Please consider that the above-mentioned list is not-exhaustive. Thus, travellers can get more information about restricted items from their airline or tour operator.

Liquids policies at PFO Airport

PFO establishes the number of liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) that are allowed to be carried on board. Prepare your bag in advance, before Paphos Cyprus Airport departures. Thus, you can save time and quickly provide it at the airport security checkpoint.

One of the main requirements is to hide your LAG items in a transparent and well-sealed plastic bag. Ensure that the volume of liquids or aerosols you are carrying does not exceed 1 litre and your bag`s size is about 20cmx20cm. Your plastic bag must be sealed, and all the items inside must fit comfortably. Each traveller is allowed to carry only one bag with LAGs. The only exceptions are medicines, medical devices, and baby products that passengers may need during their flight.

Value-added tax refund at Paphos Airport

Please keep in mind that if you live outside the European Union and leave an EU country, you are eligible for a refund of VAT paid on goods purchased within the EU. When purchasing products, be sure to request a tax exemption check. VAT refunds can be picked up at either Global Blue or Planet Tax-Free booths before Paphos Airport Cyprus departures. Please note that there is a limit to the amount that can be refunded per receipt.

Things to do before departures at Paphos Airport

While waiting for your flight, you can access the Premium Lounge located in the departures zone in front of Gate 7 at Paphos Airport. Check Paphos Airport departure times and keep calm. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, this is a great place to spend some time and relax before your flight.

Lovers of good food can visit the various restaurants and cafeterias to dine. There are also a large number of stores at Paphos Airport where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and family.

PFO Airport dining options

Check out the list of places to dine or get some snacks while waiting for Cyprus Airport departures in Paphos:

PFO shops and boutiques

There are a lot of stores available for passengers at Paphos Airport: