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Paphos Airport Arrivals

Paphos Airport arrivals today

Paphos Airport never has a break from passengers. During the season, namely from April to October, flights can often be delayed. This mainly concerns the arrival at Paphos Airport Cyprus from Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. Before going to the airport, it is advisable to check the flight status at the live flight tracker every time, especially during this period. We have provided the PFO Airport’s live arrival schedule below for your convenience.


Flight From Airline Time Status
PFO 18:35 landed
FR1609 PFO 18:35 landed
FR1705 PFO 19:00 DELAYED 19:45
LW721 PFO 19:35 DELAYED 19:47
FR721 PFO 19:35 DELAYED 19:47
U28653 PFO 20:00 active
RR6393 PFO 20:05 active
FR6393 PFO 20:05 active
FR5866 PFO 20:15 active
LW5866 PFO 20:15 active
PFO 20:25 active
BA2674 PFO 20:25 active
RR3330 PFO 20:50 active
FR3330 PFO 20:50 active
LS1271 PFO 21:25 active
U22269 PFO 21:30 DELAYED 21:57
U28655 PFO 21:55 DELAYED 22:08
FR4177 PFO 23:10 scheduled
FR4104 PFO 23:15 scheduled
FR5881 PFO 01:15 scheduled

Passport Control upon arrivals at Paphos Airport, Cyprus

Before coming to Paphos, we recommend that you pay attention to the validity of your passport. Also, do not forget that Cyprus is a country of the European Union, so you may need to prepare documents in advance in order to cross the border freely. If you have questions about passport control arriving at Paphos International Airport arrivals, you may call the following number: +357 26 806419.

BorderXpress service at Paphos Airport

Upon flight arrival at Airport PFO, be prepared that you will have to use the "BorderXpress" service. This is a special place, where upon arrival in Cyprus you have to show your documents yourself and identify your personality.

This is the following stage of the passport control procedure upon arrival at Paphos Airport because you need to go to a special frame and present your passport here so that the system can accept your application as the right one.

After completing those steps, this device should extradite you a paper sheet, which you must submit at the next registration process. If the slip was effectively adopted, it means that you have gone through the passport control process during the Airport Paphos arrivals or departures.

Limitations for the products imported to Paphos, Cyprus

There are some limitations regarding the nature and quantities of products you bring to Cyprus.

Products imported from European Countries

Goods that are imported to Cyprus from countries of the European Union have special rules for crossing the border:

Products imported from Non-European countries

Prohibited products

Baggage Claim at Paphos Airport

All airlines represented at this airport are responsible for how they deliver services to all those on the lines of departures and arrivals at Paphos Airport Cyprus. Their main function is to control the luggage of tourists, namely whether it has been delivered correctly and clearly to the address in the proper form. However, we recommend that you keep a close eye on your suitcase.

Remember that re-entering the baggage claim area is elaborately controlled. Suitcases or bags that did not reach their owners are guarded by airport security. If it so happened that you lost your luggage, look at the following rules:

Public transport at Paphos Airport

To get to the city center from PFO Airport, you may take a taxi or use the bus Paphos Airport service. Also, it is possible to choose the option of renting a car.

Bus service at PFO Airport

The option of using the bus in Paphos is not always available because of the constantly changing schedules. We recommend that you always check the information about the timetable in advance on the website.

To get to the city, you need to take the 713 bus which takes you to the Central Station in Paphos. If you do not need to go to the center, here you will also find buses that will take you to the other regions and provinces.

Taxi service at Paphos Airport

A taxi in Paphos is the fastest and the most expensive type of transport to get to the city center. You can meet taxi drivers right at the airport entrance. It may cost a little more than the bus, but you will be able to get to the city center quickly and comfortably.

Paphos Airport car rental

Car hire in Paphos is the most convenient option for moving around this region. By renting a car, you will significantly save money, be flexible, and feel comfortable during the trip, so do not miss this opportunity.

You can easily find a car rental option in the parking lot of this airport, where there is a car rental space. Here, you can choose your desired car, as there is a wide variety of choices.

Prices for cars here are completely different, so every tourist can choose a car that fits their budget. Also, all the cars presented here are serviced weekly and have insurance.