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HERTZ Car Rental at Paphos Airport, Cyprus

HERTZ car hire at Paphos Airport

8.3 / 10

Based on 5,000 customer reviews Average waiting time is 13 min
7.9 / 10 Overall value for money

8.0 / 10 Cleanliness of the car

8.5 / 10 Service at the rental desk

8.3 / 10 Car hire pick-up process

8.9 / 10 Car hire drop-off process

HERTZ car hire at Paphos Airport is one of the most reputable vehicle rental agencies in Cyprus. Customers have rated its good service at 8.3 points. The company provides a wide choice of automobiles for travellers to hire as well as multiple extra options for comfortable and enjoyable trips.

It is better to reserve your automobile ahead of time using the internet since cheaper rental rates are frequently available for earlier appointments. Pre-booking allows you to select the desired automobile rather than choose from the remaining ones. Moreover, you save your time and money because pre-reserved vehicles have more affordable prices.

Use the search engine to discover the best deal on HERTZ car hire at Paphos Airport. Please consider that automobiles can be booked by class or category rather than by make or model. It is the class of vehicle that affects the price. If you wish to rent a certain car model, use the search engine's "a guaranteed car model" option to discover and book it.

 Hyundai i10
Mini Hyundai i10

from € 21.7 per day

 Mercedes A Class
Compact elite Mercedes A Class

from € 40.5 per day

 Kia Carens
7 seat carrier Kia Carens

from € 51.9 per day

 Nissan Qashqai
Intermediate Nissan Qashqai

from € 56.7 per day

 Suzuki Vitara
SUV Suzuki Vitara

from € 68.9 per day

 Audi A3 Convertible
Convertible Audi A3 Convertible

from € 87 per day

 Mercedes E Class
Luxury Mercedes E Class

from € 101.2 per day

HERTZ car rental offers at Paphos Airport

HERTZ car rental in Paphos provides a huge number of vehicles to hire from different world-renowned manufacturers:

Types of HERTZ rental cars in Paphos

HERTZ car hire in Paphos offers a huge choice of car categories for business, pleasure, and family rental aims, so you can select the vehicle that best meets your needs. Drivers may select an auto based on the number of passengers and the quantity of luggage they have.

If you prefer power, high speed, and modern design, then a sport utility vehicle is the best option for you. Do you want to add a romantic mood to your journey? Hire a convertible from HERTZ car rentals in Paphos for unforgettable experiences.

Below you will find the most popular automobile rental categories.

Mini rental cars from HERTZ

If you plan a short trip in Cyprus with three or four people, 'mini' cars (more often hatchbacks) are available for you at PFO. For longer trips, it is better to rent a mini only if there are one or two passengers.

Economy and Compact car rentals from HERTZ

Economy and Compact cars are one of the most popular categories among HERTZ rental car types. Travellers prefer such autos for their affordable price and good gas mileage.

HERTZ intermediate car rental in Paphos

An intermediate sedan from HERTZ car rental in Paphos, Cyprus provides greater spaciousness than a small auto while remaining highly fuel efficient. Mid-size cars are perfect for up to 5 passengers with 3-4 bags. The cars of this category offer greater comfort than small cars and are suitable for short and long distances.

Estate car rentals at Paphos Airport

Estate automobiles are medium to big-sized and feature an expanded hatchback boot. Such cars are suitable for four to five people with a lot of luggage, or if you need to transport large items.

HERTZ SUV car rental at PFO Airport

SUVs (suburban utility vehicles) are designed to manage tougher roads than standard automobiles. The SUV chassis is carefully developed, and they frequently have greater ground clearance. The trunk of an SUV is bigger than that of a compact car.

Minivan from HERTZ

If you are travelling in Cyprus with a large company or family and looking for a big vehicle from HERTZ at Paphos Airport, then 7-seat or 9-seat minivans could be a good option for you. Vans offer great comfort to all passengers thanks to their spacious cabins.

HERTZ luxury car rentals at PFO Airport

Luxury vehicles offer certain benefits when compared to standard autos. First of all, you will enjoy incredibly smooth riding and modern safety features, as well as contemporary design. Driving a premium vehicle conveys a sense of distinction and flair.

Convertible car rental in Paphos

A convertible auto has a flexible roof that can be folded down or removed.

When trying to park in a very small spot, a convertible may be a smart option for you. These stylish cars will bring joy to travellers in beautiful weather. Convertibles are also available at HERTZ car rental in Cyprus, Paphos.

Documents required for HERTZ car rental in Paphos

Check out the list of documents that must be presented at the HERTZ car rental counter:

HERTZ optional extras available at PFO Airport

Travellers can choose extra options when renting a vehicle at HERTZ car hire at Paphos Airport, Cyprus:

If you don't have the necessary equipment such as a child seat when you arrive, make a reservation early. It's highly recommended to use a GPS device for drivers that don't know the roads of Cyprus and surrounding areas well. Rented devices offer turn-by-turn directions in audio or visual mode. GPS devices are pre-programmed with thousands of tourist spots.

Additional driver option at HERTZ car hire in Paphos

Additional drivers can be added as long as they meet the same requirements as the main driver. You can use the search engine to find a cheap car hire in Paphos and offers from HERTZ. Learn how to add one more driver for free, but consider that this service may also incur an additional daily charge.

HERTZ insurance coverage

When renting a car at Paphos Airport, please be sure you have suitable insurance in case of unexpected circumstances. Find below the common types of insurance:

HERTZ Rent-A-Car payment policy and security deposit in Paphos

To proceed with your HERTZ car hire at Paphos Airport, Cyprus, both cash and credit cards are accepted for making a payment for an automobile. payment for an automobile. Yet, if you choose to pay in cash, the provider requires a €500 deposit.

HERTZ car rental deposit at PFO Airport

When hiring a vehicle from HERTZ, it's obligatory to pay the refundable security deposit. A certain amount of money will be provisionally held on the accepted (credit/debit) card. If the renter returns an auto without missing fuel, fines, or charges, the rental deposit will be returned to their card. Usually, the deposit starts from €290 and varies depending on the vehicle category.

HERTZ rental car fuel policy in Paphos

Car hire companies in Paphos Airport provide autos with free tanks, full-to-full, and same-to-same approaches:

The most affordable for renters is the second option, full-to-full.

Cost of HERTZ rental cars at Paphos Airport

HERTZ rental in Paphos provides a wide range of vehicles in different price ranges depending on your travel aims and expectations. The cheapest car you can hire is Mini Hyundai i10 for €24 per day. Meanwhile, one day of renting the most expensive vehicle, Luxury Mercedes E Class, will cost you about €110. Thus, the average car rental price is €67 per day.

You can use the search engine to compare prices by car type so that you will find a vehicle that meets all your needs. HERTZ may also provide a higher-class auto at an affordable price, so be sure to check all the options.

Where to pick up a HERTZ car rental in Paphos?

To reach the office of HERTZ hire at Paphos Airport, head to the Arrivals Lobby. Travellers can find the agency’s counter in the terminal building. The supplier’s desk is accessible to clients seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Moreover, the agency’s services are available to customers by calling +357 26 00 73 13.

For your notice, the company applies a €29.75 fee for returns or pick-ups between 21:00 and 08:00. The charge already includes the tax. The auto-hire agency charges the €19 fee for delivery/collection of a car to/from Paphos Airport, too.

One-way rentals from HERTZ at Paphos Airport

HERTZ in Cyprus, Paphos, charges a €30 fee for the one-way rentals of its vehicles. Keep in mind that the agency forbids their customers to take vehicles from the island by boat or otherwise. As well, the supplier’s policies prohibit travellers from driving the company’s rental cars into the Turkish-occupied territory.

Late arrival policy at HERTZ in Paphos

At HERTZ rental in Paphos, if a customer makes a reservation indicating a pick-up location but does not arrive at the designated place within an hour of the specified time, the reservation expires. The same policy applies if the specified location closes by that time.

In addition, customers can book the agency’s rental vehicle and specify their flight information including the flight and plane’s numbers. Then, the reservation of the agency’s hire auto at PFO will be valid for an hour after the flight’s landing. Sometimes, there can be a delay in your flight. As a result, the arrival time changes and might fall outside the car-hire agency’s working hours. Then, the HERTZ Paphos office will remain open if the company receives a relevant update on the delay as well as the new arrival time.

Moreover, the rental company provides a special late-arrival policy for the members of HERTZ Gold Plus Rewards. The agency extends the period of pick-up by two extra hours for these members. The same time rule applies to cases when there is an unpredictable delay in your flight.

HERTZ grace period

After the rental period ends, the agency allows a grace period of 29 minutes after the pick-up. Once the free-of-charge time expires, HERTZ rental in Paphos applies to a customer the cost of the full further day.