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Paphos Airport Flights

Paphos Airport flight schedule

Unpredictable circumstances may impact the Paphos Airport arrivals and departures schedule. Thus, travellers may have to spend long hours at PFO Airport waiting for their flight. Yet, with our time-saving and resourceful flight-tracking system, vacationers can keep track of their journey with up-to-date information.

Our engine updates the PFO customers on whether their flight is on schedule, delayed, cancelled, or has already landed. Thus, our flight-tracking system will let you know when to head to the airfield. We have provided the schedule of Paphos Airport flight departures and arrivals below.


Flight From Airline Time Status
LS1525 PFO 17:45 landed
FR3332 PFO 17:55 landed
FR1609 PFO 18:35 landed
PFO 18:35 landed
FR1705 PFO 19:00 DELAYED 20:02
LW721 PFO 19:35 DELAYED 19:47
FR721 PFO 19:35 DELAYED 19:47
U28653 PFO 20:00 DELAYED 20:02
RR6393 PFO 20:05 active
FR6393 PFO 20:05 active
LW5866 PFO 20:15 active
FR5866 PFO 20:15 active
PFO 20:25 active
BA2674 PFO 20:25 active
RR3330 PFO 20:50 active
FR3330 PFO 20:50 active
LS1271 PFO 21:25 active
U22269 PFO 21:30 DELAYED 21:57
U28655 PFO 21:55 DELAYED 22:08
FR4177 PFO 23:10 scheduled
FR4104 PFO 23:15 scheduled
FR5881 PFO 01:15 scheduled


Flight To Airline Time Status
FR5880 PFO 17:40 active
FR3333 PFO 18:25 DELAYED
LS1526 PFO 18:45 active
PFO 19:00 active
FR1608 PFO 19:00 active
FR722 PFO 20:00 DELAYED 20:05
LW722 PFO 20:00 DELAYED 20:05
FR4103 PFO 20:10 scheduled
RR6392 PFO 20:30 scheduled
FR6392 PFO 20:30 scheduled
LW5867 PFO 20:40 scheduled
FR5867 PFO 20:40 scheduled
U28654 PFO 21:05 scheduled
RR3331 PFO 21:15 scheduled
FR3331 PFO 21:15 scheduled
BA2675 PFO 21:20 scheduled
PFO 21:20 scheduled
U22270 PFO 22:10 DELAYED 22:36
LS1272 PFO 22:15 scheduled
U28656 PFO 22:45 DELAYED 23:01

Paphos Airport flight arrivals

Travelers, arriving at PFO, should be acquainted with the rules on flight arrivals at Paphos Airport, baggage claim, passport-control information, and other airport's services. Indeed, the second largest airfield in Cyprus – Paphos International Airport – annually deals with up to 650,000 vacationers and is among the busiest airports in the world.

Flight departures at Paphos Airport

If you are planning to leave Cyprus, keep up with relevant information about departure flights from Paphos Intl. Airport. Watch over the speed-up pre-departure process, the policies of value-added tax refund, pre-departure parking opportunities, and duty-free before leaving Airport PFO.

COVID-19 information at Paphos Airport

Baggage storage at Paphos Airport

To receive baggage-storage services for a few hours or days, head to the Special Baggage Counter that is available at the Check-in zone.

Restricted items at PFO Airport

The list of forbidden objects to keep in the baggage storage at Paphos International Airport includes:

Baggage storage rules at Paphos Airport

Before or after their flight arrival at Paphos Airport, vacationers may keep their belongings in PFO lockers.

The cost of baggage storage: