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Paphos Airport Food Places

Airport Paphos food and drink options

Are you waiting for your flight at PFO for hours? Or have you just arrived at the airport? Enjoy a rich variety of food in Cyprus, Paphos ranging from coffee to pizza and sushi at the airport's numerous restaurants. What is more, feel free to bring your snack on board!

The Premium Lounge

The Premium Lounge is accessible to the passengers in front of Boarding Gate 7. Whether travelling for pleasure or business, you will find tasty snacks, alcoholic beverages, flight monitors, Wi-Fi, magazines and newspapers, TV, children’s playground, telephones, and Internet terminals at this Paphos Airport eat & drink non-smoking spot.

Beer Garden

Enjoy a remarkable aircraft view at the Beer Garden. Here, you can try cold & hot drinks, wine & beer, and a wide range of snacks including hot dogs, sandwiches, and pastries. Visit the Beer Garden at the Departure Hall. The shop’s opening hours are available at the restaurant’s entrance. Although, the working hours may change due to the flight timetable.

Camden Food Co.

The airport's food in Paphos offers a feast of organic snacks for a healthy and well-balanced diet for travellers. The variety of available foods includes fresh juices, organic chocolate and coffee, sandwiches, salads, and much more.

As well, Camden Food Co. supplies Cypriot unique delicacies like Soutzoukos, honey products, carob, and halloumi in the Departures Hall. The timetable with the eatery’s working hours is available at the entrance and may change due to the flight schedule.

Central Bar

An excellent spot to relax before travel is Central Bar which offers an extended menu. The passengers can choose from salads, homemade pies, pastries, sweets, sandwiches, sushi, cold & hot drinks, alcoholic beverages, and much more.

Find Central Bar food at Paphos Airport in the Departures Hall. See the bar’s working hours at the shop’s entrance. Keep in mind that the opening hours may change due to the flight schedules.

Costa Coffee

Paphos Airport offers to the passengers the eminent café – Costa Coffee. This Paphos restaurant is famous for its delicious snacks, coffee, and sweets. You can enjoy the shop’s service at the airport's entrance or in the departures area. The café’s working hours are accessible at its doorway. However, they may change due to the daily flight timetable.

To brighten up your coffee experience, try the mobile ordering service available at Costa Coffee. For this, scan the QR code and place your order on the café’s page. Once you proceed with the payment, you will receive updates on your order’s status and pick it up without waiting at the designated spot.

Food for Flight

For airport's passengers who want to take a snack on board, there is a remarkable spot offering freshly prepared dishes in Paphos, Cyprus. In the departures area, you can try ready-to-go sandwiches, sushi, or yoghourts at affordable prices and on a 24/7 basis. Keep in mind that the shop’s opening hours may change according to the flight timetable.

Food Village

To try an exclusive culinary experience, visit an authentic restaurant at Paphos Airport – Food Village. Here, you will enjoy traditional Italian pizza, French baguette, burgers, and multicultural food in practical packages for you to take your snack on board. The shop is available in the Departures Hall, and its working hours are accessible at the restaurant’s entrance and may change due to the flight schedule.


Enjoy traditional Cyprus coffee and snacks at a trendy Paphos restaurant – Kafenio. In a comfortable open-air setting near the PFO car parking area, you can try local delicacies including desserts, drinks, and other snacks. Check the opening-hours timetable at the shop’s entrance. However, the working hours may change due to the flight schedule.

Caffe Ritazza

The mastery of coffee is available to PFO passengers at Caffe Ritazza. There, you will taste a unique range of coffee, fresh croissants, cakes, sandwiches, and salads. See this Paphos Airport food and drink spot in the departures area which is accessible 24 hours a day.

Find your best restaurant in Paphos!

Are you waiting for your PFO flight or have just arrived at the airport? Find time for your delicious snack in a cosy restaurant with a picturesque view. Below, we have provided a Paphos restaurant guide for your memorable cuisine experience at PFO:

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