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Taxi at Paphos Airport, Cyprus

Taxis at Paphos Airport

The beneficial Paphos Airport shuttle to downtown is the taxi that will bring you to the destination within only 20 minutes. The passengers can access the carriage service 24 hours a day, at the ranks outside the Arrivals Hall.

Paphos Airport taxi price

In Cyprus, the Ministry of Communications governs all the airport taxi prices in Paphos. Thus, the governance applies specific legal duties such as the taximeter's obligatory use and providing a receipt upon the customer’s request.

Besides, the government provides taxi fares so that all taxis at PFO set the same price. Paphos Airport transfer offers 2 price sets. The first one applies for the daytime - from 06:00 to 20:30. The second rate is for the nighttime which is from 20:31 to 05:59. Moreover, the carriage drivers might add a surcharge for customers’ baggage or waiting in traffic.

Day rate charges

The daytime rates for the airport taxi in Paphos are:

Night rate charges

The nighttime rates are:

Cost of taxi from Paphos Airport to popular destinations

The expected rates for the Paphos taxi from the airport to prominent destinations are such:

As well, keep in mind that for baggage, waiting in traffic, or the trip on a public holiday, the fare for Paphos Airport transfer increases. Also, the majority of PFO taxis carry only 4 travellers. Thus, for transportation in a larger carriage that carries 5 customers, the rate adds 20% of the cost. For carrying 6 passengers, the surcharge increases by 40%.

Paphos airport transfers

Private transfer from Paphos Airport

An alternative means of PFO transfer are private transfers. A total of 2 to 4 travellers can use such a service which is a convenient option for family or small group journeys. Private transfers supply customers with a broad fleet of automobiles to choose from including luxurious Mercedes E Class and Audi A6.

Moreover, they provide specialist carriage with wheelchairs available and offer a door-to-door service. Next, the passengers can book transportation at PFO ahead of time online so that the taxi agent will pick them up at the meeting point in the terminal. What is more, the service does not apply any fees for waiting in traffic or travelling with baggage.

Shared shuttles in Paphos

Group transfer at Paphos Airport

Uber ride-sharing service at Paphos Airport

Even though the Uber ride-sharing engine does not work in Cyprus, the Bolt app is available to travellers. The passengers can also use such ride-hailing services as the CABSY app or the nTaxt app.